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Amy is one of the most astute, kind, compassionate therapists I've met. She is even keeled and "right on" when it comes to targeting what is going on with people. She has great empathy and I've referred to her for years now.

Family Practitioner

Parker, CO
Amy knows how to get into a persons soul and discover what is really happening. Her ability to clarify your mixed up feelings and put them into cohesive thoughts so you can deal with your pain is second to none. No other therapist I have worked with has her intellect, compassion, directness, and intuition. She has been an incredible asset to my entire family.


Amy is a wonderful therapist. Over the years she has been one of the top therapists/counselors I refer my patients to. She has the rare qualities of being both caring, thoughtful and compassionate, while still being pragmatic and realistic. She has helped multiple patients through depression, anxiety, and life difficulties. It is for these reasons that I have, and will continue, to refer my patients to her.


Littleton, CO
Amy is open, direct, insightful. She has been understanding and fair, but she has also redirected me with appropriate questions and activities when I am ready. I don't think a counselor can help us unless we are willing to do some of the hard work ourselves. I've made the effort, and Amy has been instrumental in helping me to make major progress.


Golden, CO
Amy has the ability to peel back the layers and get to the heart of the matter in a safe, secure, and comfortable manner. She helps me look at situations in a way I had not considered before.


Littleton, CO
Amy helped me get to a place that I wanted to be, emotionally and mentally!"


Highlands Ranch, CO
Amy has helped me with chronic struggles and frustrations that I've faced for years. I had not previously been able to get to the root of the problem, but now I feel I can see my emotions and behaviors with different lenses. And I can therefore now make different choices, and my emotions feel set free.


Lakewood, CO
Amy is so amazing! My patients have great results from meeting with her and she helps them to heal and cope with their problems. Always available and easily accessible. A true gem!


Littleton, CO

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The office is located in historic downtown Littleton. The address is 5777 S. Rapp Street, Littleton, Colorado, 80120.
The closest major intersection is Santa Fe and Littleton Blvd (also called Bowles).