“March Madness”

If you would like help in dealing with these emotional feelings brought on by seasonal changes, please call us at (303) 513-7822.March has arrived!  Which means spring is on it’s way!  I was outside this morning enjoying the warm sunshine, thinking to myself how grateful I am to have the bulk of winter weather behind us and to have the many warm, sunny days of spring and summer ahead.   I feel joy and relief when spring comes.

However, for many, the onset of spring and the changing of light, weather, and our daily rhythms can also trigger the onset of an “episode.”  Whether it be a depressive, anxious, mixed, manic, hypomanic, or other episode, spring can be anything BUT joyful or relieving.  Symptoms of mental illness can worsen this time of year, just when our expectation is the opposite.

If you find yourself wondering why you are suddenly feeling “off,” anxious, agitated, depressed, tired, unable to sleep, annoyed with your family and friends, etc etc etc…consider the season.  And be encouraged.  Once the change is complete, once we have adjusted to the new season, to the new light patterns, once we adjust to the new energy levels in the environment, we will feel more balanced, we WILL reach a calmer state of being.

Ultimately it is the changing of the season that throws things off kilter…not the actual season itself.   So breathe, be kind to yourself, and know that very soon your rhythm will return!

If you would like help in dealing with these changes, please call us.  You can reach us at (303) 513-7822.